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The brand new, fully equipped modern training kitchens and student learning spaces of the Le Cordon Bleu campus are situated in the heart of Wellington’s vibrant dining and entertainment quarter. Classes incorporate the latest technologies to support learning, and students are encouraged to work together to emulate the teamwork culture found in the world’s greatest kitchens. With some of the country’s best restaurants and cafes just a few steps from our doors, you are never far from a uniquely New Zealand experience, both inside and outside the kitchen. Here at our boutique international institute in Wellington, New Zealand, you will be inspired to develop your passion for culinary arts and hospitality management under the direction of our Master Chefs and lecturers.

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Our Facilities

Our Master Chefs are both classically trained and experienced teachers, while our lecturers contribute a wealth of knowledge gained by years of experience in both education and the hospitality industry. Our building features state-of-the-art facilities to provide you with the latest and most innovative opportunities in culinary and hospitality education. We source local produce and ingredients for use during practical sessions and demonstrations, and constantly review our suppliers to ensure you receive the freshest, highest quality ingredients. By working with specialist items, students learn to develop their senses and techniques with premium ingredients to prepare for the professional environment.


Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand is dedicated to preserving and passing on the mastery and application of the culinary arts through culinary certificates, diplomas, Le Grand Diplôme – our prestigious culinary award – and our unique, globally recognised Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business. Our reputation as one of the world’s premier culinary training institutes has endured by actively keeping our courses up-to-date and industry relevant, using innovative new technologies, partnered with some of the world’s greatest chef lecturers. Our academic programmes are constantly adapted to the future needs and demands of the hospitality industry; an industry that currently employs nearly 10 per cent of the world’s workforce and is forecast to grow significantly in the future.

Industry reputation

A Le Cordon Bleu education helps our graduates stand out among their peers thanks to our reputation for excellence, which is recognised across the industry. Students have access to the finest facilities and professional equipment, preparing them for a career they are passionate about. By constantly updating our curriculum to ensure our students gain an industry-relevant education, graduates progress from Le Cordon Bleu with a huge number of opportunities available to them. The international profile of our culinary and hospitality educational network means a Le Cordon Bleu education is recognised across the world. We provide you with transferable skills and knowledge which can be applied to a diversity of international roles across the industry. By graduating from our programmes, you will earn a place in our widely respected network of alumni.

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