As an international student, you’ll also have to pay fees for your children to go to any Australian or New Zealand school (whether the school is state or private). Fees vary according to the age of your children and the state or territory that you live in, but expect fees of around AU$4,000 to AU$17,000 per year, per child in Australia and around NZ$9,000 to NZ$15,000 per year, per child in New Zealand.

Approximate state school fees in Australia

South Australia A$4,500 - A$5,500
New South Wales A$5,000 - A$6,000
Tasmania A$7,500
Victoria A$8,500 - A$12,500
Australian Capital Territory A$10,000 - A$15,000
Queensland A$11,500 - A$15,500
Western Australia A$13,000 - A$17,000

Where can I find help on schools?

Go to the relevant Department of Education website for the state or area that you intend to study and live in. These are as follows:


New Zealand

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