Charlotte Jansson

Charlotte, 23, is from Sweden and studying a Bachelor in Equine Studies at NMIT

  • Charlotte JanssonCharlotte Jansson

My name is Charlotte Jansson, I’m 23 years old. I’m from a small town in Sweden called Angelholm.

What program are you studying (and campus) and what is your goal in the future?

I’m doing the bachelor of Equine Studies at Epping. Horses have always been my passion. My goal for the future is to work within Equine nutrition.

How will studying at NMIT assist you in obtaining these goals in the future?

The equine course at NMIT gives a very broad understanding of the horse. Practical skills are mixed with learning the theory behind why a horse reacts why it does, how the body works and much much more!

Why did you choose NMIT?

I found the course online and thought it sounded fantastic. To get to do everything from Anatomy, to nutrition, to health, to pasture management in one course is great. You really get set up for future work as a stud manager or whatever you want to do!

What do you like about NMIT?

NMIT have great teachers that are knowledgeable and always willing to help you out! The fact that the school stud only is a 20 min drive from the campus is great to in a big city like Melbourne! The classes are smaller than what they would be at a university which gives you a great opportunity to ask more questions and get help when needed.

What do you think about the facilities at NMIT?

The Epping campus is great. They have a new library which is fantastic and a computer room for higher education students so you never have to wait around! You can even access the computer room after school hours!

The Northern Lodge stud is a large beautiful property with both a winery and a thoroughbred stud. The stable area and training area is well set up, they have a race course and great big paddocks for the horses. I think it is a great setup for being a school stud.

How do find the teachers at NMIT?

All the teachers in the Equine studies are passionate about horses just like us students. We never run out of topics to talk about! They are all so knowledgeable within their areas and all very willing to help you out if you’re struggling with something.

What do like most about the course?

I love the days we spend out at the stud, looking at horses, talking about horses and learning hands on! Everything you’ve been through in class comes together when you can see it all in front of you!

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