Clare Webber

Clare is 31, and from Kingston-Upon-Hull. She’s about to start studying Early Childhood Education and Care Level 5 at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in New Zealand

“I chose my course because eventually I would like to go into teaching and thought that this would be a great way into doing that. This course will allow me to study toward the degree in teaching and will be a great basis for understanding childhood needs in this country. My background in the UK was youth work, I find working with children and young people both rewarding and challenging and really want to have a professional qualification recognising this.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to study in New Zealand was to be closer to family – mine are now based in Tauranga which is in the Bay of Plenty. I was also really impressed with the Polytechnic’s campus and facilities.

“I also wanted to study here to experience a new culture and a new country. I have many friends and colleagues who have visited New Zealand before and everyone said what a stunningly beautiful and friendly country it was. The weather helps too! Don’t let coming on your own put you off – the people here are really friendly and helpful and there are heaps of activities to do where you can easily meet lots of new people.

“I came to New Zealand a couple of months before my course was due to start so that I could have some time to settle in and catch up with family. I was told about the ‘can do’ attitude here and was excited about that and have not been disappointed. Everyone says hello here, don’t be afraid if someone you don’t know starts to talk to you down the street, they are just really friendly!”

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