Clinician, Volunteer who studied at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy

One of the core ingredients of happiness is giving back. Debbie got in to natural medicine when she had young children and has since carved out her career through a combination of clinical practice and volunteer work. 

Debbie has found herself in places such as the Himalayas, working with Tibetan monks and integrating local knowledge, nutrition, and organics in addition to her area of specialty, homeopathic medicine.

“The homeopathic community of people are amazing people. Really nice people. I am proud. It’s nice being part of that group. Even meeting all those people overseas, the homeopaths from other countries having the same perspective on life, health and the wellbeing of others. The homeopathic philosophy runs pretty deep.” 

“Before becoming a homeopath I was a banker in the financial world. I think homeopathy is very logical and systematic and I love the investigative side of homeopathy, it’s like putting the missing pieces of the puzzle together. I love plants and the garden and I have bees. I love nature and homeopathy is probably the closest modality to nature there is, in a way. That allows you to explore it even more. So I like that aspect of it.”

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