Gemma Hart

Studied a Diploma of Nursing at TAFE WA

UK student Gemma Hart has been awarded the West Coast Institute’s International Student of the Year for her dedication to becoming a nurse.

Just 18 months ago, 30-year-old Gemma thought her dream of becoming a nurse would never come true. Living in the UK with her husband and young daughter, earning money to pay the bills was a priority and that meant she could never leave the full-time secretarial job she was in. “After buying a house and having bills to pay, I found myself stuck in a boring desk job for much longer than I ever intended,” said Gemma. However, a move to Australia gave her a new opportunity.

“My grandmother was a district nurse in the UK and I always wanted to follow in her footsteps but I just wasn’t able to. It was coming to Australia and doing a Diploma of Nursing at West Coast Institute that gave me the chance to finally pursue my dream career.”

On graduating from the Institute, Gemma was immediately sponsored by a health care provider where she now works as an enrolled nurse. She now plans to go on and study a Bachelor of Nursing at university which will bring her another step closer to reaching her ultimate goal of becoming a neonatal nurse. 

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