Ian Leach

Ian is from Doncaster. He’s 27, and has just started a course in sports development at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

  • Ian LeachIan Leach

“I am really interested in sport. I’m already a qualified cricket coach and also have diplomas in sports therapy and sports and remedial massage. I’d love to have a career in sport and by doing this course I hope to gain employment in the industry.

“I didn’t really consider any other colleges as I had been to Canberra before and loved it. Its got the feel of a town rather than a massive city, but there is still everything here you could wish for. As for why I wanted to study in Australia, I have done a lot of travelling – I’ve had about seven or eight gap years now – and love Australia and the lifestyle here.

“I first visited Australia on my first gap year when I was 18 – I went to a small bush town called Orange. Back then it was 30,000 people. I loved the Australian people and the lifestyle. After that I went home and worked hard to afford another ticket back to Oz and this time came to Canberra.

“I play cricket which is a great way of meeting new people. I came home again, and saved up again for another trip to Australia. I played cricket in Melbourne, then went to Darwin to do the same. I then went to Christchurch in New Zealand where I played cricket and worked for two years before heading home via Melbourne and Darwin. Now, 18 months later I am back, but this time it’s to study.

“I really can’t wait to get started on my course and meet fellow students and teachers.”

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