Jonale Sagayca

Jonale, 34, is from the Phillipines and is studying the Certificate III in Locksmithing

  • Jonale SagaycaJonale Sagayca

I was born in the Philippines. I served in the Philippine army for eleven years before I come to Australia. Melbourne is the best place for study.

I really enjoy it here!!! I am a friendly person and open minded I love singing, fishing, playing tennis.

What influenced you to study locksmithing at NMIT? 

My brother in- law, who is living in Melbourne,  encouraged me to do Locksmithing.

How did you find out about NMIT? 

My sister and my brother-in-law  are past students at NMIT.  They knew about the Locksmithing course and sent information about it to me.

What advice would you give to students considering studying locksmithing at NMIT? 

I would like to say to all students who want to study or change their career  – I highly recommend NMIT.  They have a wide variety of courses that suit everybody and also a friendly enviroment and beautiful campuses.  The teachers are very helpful  which will really help you to learn a lot of things and make your dream come true.

What is next for you? 

Well I am really confident about myself and with the help of NMIT, I could say I'm going to be the best locksmith.  This is my dream, I could see there is a bright future waiting for me after finishing my study at NMIT.

I will really miss NMIT when I finish my study. For those people who still confused when choosing a school to study at,  I highly recommend NMIT in Melbourne.

What's been the most valuable lesson you've learnt along the way? 

There are a lot of new things and knowledge I've learnt from NMIT school in my study.

Most of all I can say that the most important thing to me is to learn how to be a good man,  how to communicate with other nationalities,  how to work as a team and to listen to others people's opinion

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