Business woman, Practitioner, Educator who studied at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy

Leanne runs her own business. She works in her clinic seeing clients, managing their cases and educating the public about homeopathy and how to use it in the home.

 “I educate people through my social media channels, through email marketing, in the clinic through managing the client cases and through email and phone call contact.”

While her clinic has been going for 6 years she also teaches. “I love the teaching and I thoroughly enjoy it. I like being able to teach the students and I think what I offer best is the fact that I’m so new myself as a practitioner and so I’m only one step ahead of them. All the insights that I gain each month from my clinic I can pass on and give them that real world kind of - this is what its like in a busy clinic, these are my new understandings of a remedy….etc…. and I think that’s really useful.”

Prior to building her business she was managing retail, studied law and bachelor of arts. 

“From the college I got a really good grounding in philosophy and all the good cornerstones of basic homeopathy. As long as you know the theory behind how people respond to remedies, how to case manage, what steps they’re at depending on their response to a remedy and you know how to manage it and you know how to go about finding a remedy you can’t really go wrong as a homeopath. So the college really gave us a really good basic grounding in all the basics, theory, philosophy, case management, case taking.”

“I’ve shown it’s completely possible to support my daughter as a single mum with no other support and put food on the table and a roof over her head and send her to a good school. Through doing just homeopathy. I don’t have a day job, a plan B or a back door but that’s also why I’m successful, because I have to make this work. I don’t have any other choice. So what you want out of homeopathy and this industry is exactly what you can achieve but you have to be prepared to put the work in and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t.”

“What really drives me is helping people on their journey to become whole again and when I say whole I mean their soul expression. So my whole goal is to help people as far as they want to go. True health is being in connection with your higher self and fully expressing it uninhibited in the world.”

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