Lisa Kane

Lisa, 33, is from Runcorn. She’s just started studying dental nursing at TAFE Central Institute of Technology in Western Australia

  • Lisa KaneLisa Kane

“I wanted to study in Australia because I saw it as a chance to gain higher qualifications in my trade while studying in a different environment and system. I chose my college because it’s based at the main dental hospital in Western Australia, and therefore offers the best opportunities for practical experience. On the course I’m hoping I’ll experience different ways of working, get a greater understanding of the different fields of dental nursing and overall gain a much broader knowledge of my subject. I’m also hoping that while studying here I’ll be able to secure work in this field, and then stay in Australia to work once my course has finished.

“I’ve travelled to Perth with my husband and our children. This is my first time to Australia, and I am a little nervous that my high expectations for the country might not be met, especially given the huge investment we’ve made and the risk to family stability we’ve taken. But I wanted the chance to work with new people and systems, and for us as a family to experience a new life in Australia.

“We are lucky in that we already have family and extended friends in the area we’re living in, and are already meeting lots of new people.

“I’d like to thank Study Options for giving us comprehensive information and ongoing support throughout the application process. Their expertise and friendly, no-nonsense attitude and approach took a lot of pressure off me and our family during our new venture.”

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