Mananti Pardamean Butar-Butar

Mananti is from Bali, Indonesia and studied the Diploma of Salon Management at TAFE SA

  • Mananti Butar Butar. Photo credit: TAFE SAMananti Butar Butar. Photo credit: TAFE SA

"TAFE SA has helped me to achieve my career, my future and a better life."

"TAFE South Australia was my first best friend when I arrived in Australia! TAFE SA supported me through my English course and then I continued my studies with the Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management. The campus is very conveniently located in the city and with students from so many cultures, I’ve learnt a lot about other people and cultures which is so important to me in my career.

"I believe that TAFE South Australia has quality teaching, the teachers are friendly and the facilities are great. I enjoyed my course hugely as everything I need is here at TAFE SA and in Adelaide."

"The quality of the teaching at TAFE has meant that I now have very strong skills in hairdressing and in managing my own salon. My dream is to open my own salon but I want to be at the top of the hairdressing industry before I do that. Working hard, entering competitions and gaining experience, always with optimism are my plans for the immediate future.

"Studying with TAFE South Australia has been a very meaningful life experience for me. Now I am enjoying every single thing in my life. Adelaide has a very nice way of living. There are so many beautiful places to visit and such a good quality of life here,  I can say absolutely that TAFE SA has helped me to achieve my career, my future and a better life."

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