Samantha O'Donoghue

Samantha is from Ireland and is now studying an Advanced Diploma in Business at CIT

  • Samantha O'Donoghue. Photo credit: CITSamantha O'Donoghue. Photo credit: CIT

"I was already living in Canberra when I decided to start studying and from my research I thought that CIT would be best suited to me and for my choice of study, especially because of the study paths that were available to me.

"I found that the teachers at CIT are very supportive and always had time to answer any questions or to provide advice when needed. The teaching styles are interactive and engaging with open discussion as well as lots of group discussion, which I think is really important, it encourages everyone to contribute, share ideas and give their input.

"The student support systems such as the student tutorials and the learning centres were extremely helpful throughout my studies and still are, it is a great service.

"My first impressions of CIT were great. I found that the international students unit were very helpful and assisted me with all that I needed to begin my studies. They were my first point of contact. I then had my international orientation and was made feel very welcome and given all the information I needed.

"I really enjoy my classes and the type of learning used in CIT. It is a happy atmosphere. My teachers are great; all they want for their students is success.

"I love the fact that there is so many opportunities available to further my education, initially I had only planned to complete my certificate 3 and 4 in Business Administration but was encouraged by my teachers to complete my Diploma in Business Administration.

"I am now working towards the Advanced Diploma in Business and am also considering doing a degree. It’s all about continuous improvement.  I am very thankful to the teachers that encouraged me to do so as now I have great skills and a good education.

"I enjoy my entire course. The content of each subject is going to allow for a smooth transition into the workforce, I can already see it. My classes are very interesting and believe it or not so are the assignments.

"The different types of assignments are good, it’s not all tests it varies there is report writing, presentations and group work. I find this allows it to be a balanced workload and not get boring or overly stressful.

"All that I learned and the skills I have gained will definitely help me for my future. During my Diploma of Business Administration, we were required to complete work experience. I was lucky enough to work in the Department of Defence for a whole week, this was an unforgettable experience.

"I was absolutely amazed by how well I did in the office environment. The skills I had learned at CIT were relevant to the tasks I was given on a day-to-day basis. Being able to put everything that I had learned into practical use was so rewarding after all the hard work. It really enhanced my drive to continue studying and motivated me to do even better.

"Canberra is a nice city. I like the calm and easygoing atmosphere here in Canberra, it works for me as a hectic city lifestyle doesn’t suit me. I have made some great friends and also met my partner in Canberra nearly two and half years ago, we are now engaged and I am very happy here.

"My long term goals are to have a career in Business and I have no doubt that the education I am receiving at CIT will help me achieve my goal. I have come so far since I began studying at CIT, I can hardly believe how much I have matured and improved already.

"I would tell other international students not to hesitate to study here at CIT, everyone is so welcoming, I absolutely love my course, my classmates and my teachers. The facilities are great, the teachers couldn’t be more friendly and supportive and the opportunities available to further your education are vast."

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