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This subject focus looks at courses in the subject area of animals and land. If you love animals, Australia and New Zealand are great places to train in a wide range of specialist animal related fields and professions. A wide range of hands-on, practical courses are available throughout each country, so whether you’re eventually hoping to farm fish or cattle, train horses or work in a pet shop, there are plenty of options available.

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Study veterinary nursing at TAFE International Western Australia

Start your career as an Animal Welfare Worker and Animal Attendant, Veterinary Nurse and Surgical Assistant, and choose a career which makes a difference to the lives of animals and the people who depend on them.

Working with animals has become an increasingly popular career choice for many people. Some people begin working with animals at a very early age as they may instinctively have a desire to care for animals, and for some a hobby can turn into their dream career. For others, working with animals is a rewarding career change which allows them to fulfil a lifelong dream and passion.

So if you love animals and want to turn your passion into a rewarding, life-long occupation then come and study Veterinary Nursing or Companion Animal Studies with TAFE Western Australia.

We offer nationally-recognised courses for every stage of your animal care career, whether you’re just starting out or you’re an industry veteran. We’re passionate about quality, hands-on training and want to help you be your best.

Veterinary Nursing

If you enjoy working with animals then this course will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to help veterinarians in the treatment and care of animals requiring medical and surgical attention. You will learn to care for the health of any type of animal and understand the scope of services offered by animal care services, including in veterinary practices.

You will learn to carry out veterinary clinic reception duties, help with surgical preparations and procedures, respond to emergencies, take blood tests and x-rays and prepare medicines prescribed by the vet.   You will also learn how to provide safe and effective animal care, comply with infection control and maintain equipment. You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of workplace safety, general administration, stock control as well as coordinating consulting and theatre routines.

You will be able to advise clients about nutrition, animal care, grooming and parasite control products.  Topics covered include: common health problems, animal behaviour, signs of ill health, veterinary facilities, safety and first aid, administration of animal health, preventative health care, routine health treatments, health problems in domestic pets and rehabilitation care.

You will participate in practical training at the veterinary clinic located on campus.

Companion Animal Studies

This course will give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to work at an assistant level in an animal care workplace. You will develop the skills required for tasks such as animal handling, animal selection, simple breeding procedures, basic animal first aid and behavioural solutions for animals. You will learn how to care for young animals including birds, fish and companion animals such as dogs and cats.  You will be able to monitor the health and wellbeing and develop enrichment strategies for companion animals. 

Hands-on learning means you’ll handle and care for animals in a range of different settings. It’s great practice for the real world and lets you try out your skills in a supervised environment. Through practical work placements, you'll recognise the signs of good health and ill health in all sorts of animals. You’ll also get an understanding of the social, ethical and environmental issues that impact animal management.

A career working with animals is fulfilling and diverse, and thanks to the increasing global awareness of animal rights, there are jobs all over the world for well-trained and enthusiastic professionals.

Career Opportunities

  • Veterinary Nurse
  • Wildlife Carer
  • Companion Animal Worker
  • Companion Animal Behaviourist
  • Animal Welfare Officer
  • Animal Shelter Assistance
  • Boarding Kennel or Cattery Manager


Student testimonial

"I now run a very successful pet styling business which is booked out eight months in advance. I learnt how to run a business effectively, maintain regular clients and the importance of education in keeping up with industry demand. Pet grooming is no longer considered a hobby but a professional trade and the best career move I have made thanks to the excellent education I received at TAFEWA." - Shai-Marie

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