Subject focus: Studying business courses

  • Students at Entrepreneur, Gold Coast.Students at Entrepreneur, Gold Coast.

There is a wide variety of business courses offered by colleges in Australia and New Zealand, including: Accounting; administration; banking; marketing; property; business development; human resource management; and advertising.  Some colleges will offer specialist business courses within particular industries, e.g. hotel management or sport management; whereas others will offer a broader qualification covering a number of different aspects of running a business.

Business courses taught in the college environment typically have a more practical focus than the equivalent course in a university.  You will have plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience and will be able to benefit from the close industry connections that many colleges have.  All this means that you will have many opportunities to build a network during your study period, alongside gaining crucial experience to land that job!

In this subject focus, we take an in-depth look at the benefits of studying a subject like project management in the college environment at Entrepreneur Education in Gold Coast, Queensland.  Check out the details below.

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More Information

Diploma of Project Management at Entrepreneur Education

The Diploma of Project Management at Entrepreneur is not your normal project management course. Not only will you gain a nationally recognised qualification, you will also complete an internship with over 140 hours of real life experience within our very own e studio 101. High achieving students will also gain a recommendation letter on completion of the course. The other huge selling point of Entrepreneur’s Diploma of Project Management is the extra activities we provide for the students.

Entrepreneur Tank

  • This is a platform that allows students to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges, gaining real life pitching experience and real feedback about their idea. The event is held twice a year with judges from the Bank of Queensland, Diagno Accounting and also the CEO of Entrepreneur

who’s next?

  • The who’s next? is a networking platform held every month allowing students to engage with industry. “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

I know what you are thinking: this is not a normal school environment.

And you’re right. This is because a dazzling piece of paper will only get you so far - you need industry experience to land that dream job! This is what sets Entrepreneur apart from the other Business & Leadership Schools in Australia. This is why all students who are enrolled in the Diploma of Project Management take part in the internship programme.

Essentially, the more you put in – the more you will get out of this qualification and the internship experience. Being proactive, taking charge and showing us who is boss, will set you apart from other Project Management graduates.

In comparison to a university degree in Project Management, the Diploma of Project Management at Entrepreneur offers you a more practical learning experience. Industry feedback suggests that having theory knowledge isn’t enough; employers want more people with practical work experience.

Course details

Student can enrol every month as we have regular intakes.

The current price of the Diploma of Project Management is AU$6480 + AU$200 enrolment + AU$200 material fee.

The course length is 54 weeks.

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