Student Visas

Will I need a visa to study?

Yes. If your course is longer than three months, you will need to get a student visa in order to study in Australia and New Zealand.  Your student visa will last for the duration of your course, and depending on when your course finishes, you would usually get 1 or 2 months after you finish.  Once your visa period has expired you will either need to return home or arrange a new visa.

You do need to pay for your student visa, although the cost changes regularly, please check the country specific visa sections (Australia/New Zealand) for current prices.

When do I apply for my student visa?

You can only apply for a student visa once you have received a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from an Australian college, or a fees receipt from a New Zealand college. In order to obtain a CoE or a fees receipt, you must have been given a formal offer of place by the college, accepted it in writing and paid a deposit toward the tuition fees, so a visa is actually one of the last things to organise.

Other information

Please read through the visa information carefully and check the relevant immigration department websites for any updates or changes to the terms of the student visa.  If you have any questions or concerns about your visa eligibility, please let Study Options know before applying for your course.

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