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"I chose to study in Tasmania because of the reputation in education excellence. My sister and I lived in Tasmania and we have thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

Choosing a study destination is an important decision. The first thing everybody usually considers is where they want to go. Instead, I chose this destination because there was something I want to do there, a goal I want to achieve. Deciding what you wish to gain from your international experience is the first step.

Studying is one of the most rewarding forms of travel and I was determined to improve my English. Tasmania is a fantastic destination to improve English and gain an authentic Australian experience.

The second step is to consider how you wish to spend your spare time. How you wish to relax outside your studies. I am from Sardinia, Italy, which is very similar to Tasmania, so my spare time is spent trekking, walking and taking photographs of beautiful landscapes. Appreciating Tasmania’s beautiful scenery is an extraordinary way to put the pressures of your daily life into perspective.

Imagine walking a spectacular coastal path with a pristine beach one side, mountains on the other, with amazing wildlife, breathing the cleanest air in the world. It is good for your soul.

I liked everything about my English course; the people, the organisation and our teacher was perfect, very clear and patient. I learned so much from his teachings and achieved my goals.

My advice to future students is to appreciate nature and enjoy the wonderful people of Tasmania. It is rare that people have the chance to see a place like Tasmania, it is Paradise."

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