• Kitchen facilities. Photo credit: TasTAFEKitchen facilities. Photo credit: TasTAFE
  • Drysdale south campus in Hobart. Photo credit: TasTAFEDrysdale south campus in Hobart. Photo credit: TasTAFE
  • Fashion design students. Photo credit: TasTAFEFashion design students. Photo credit: TasTAFE
  • Library and computer facilities on campus. Photo credit: TasTAFELibrary and computer facilities on campus. Photo credit: TasTAFE
  • A student outside Inveresk campus near Launceston. Photo credit: TasTAFEA student outside Inveresk campus near Launceston. Photo credit: TasTAFE

TasTAFE is the largest Registered Training Organisation in Tasmania and one of the ten largest in Australia. Established as the Hobart Technical College in 1888, TasTAFE is owned by the Tasmanian Government, and provides internationally recognised vocational qualifications to students across seven campuses in Hobart and Launceston.

Focused on teaching the knowledge and skills required for specific industries, a vocational education at TasTAFE will allow you to obtain practical experience from your studies, gain familiarity on how workplaces operate, develop employability skills, and allow you to explore your desired industry.

Hobart & Launceston
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Tasmania is Australia’s island state. Located just 240km from the Australian mainland, Tasmania offers a unique environment for study. Gain your education in a place where modern urban cities meet stunning natural wilderness. The people are friendly, the air is clear, the culture is rich and the lifestyle is relaxed.

Tasmania has a temperate climate. This means that our summers are not too hot, and our winters are not too cold. Similar to Spain, Chile and Italy, we have four distinct seasons in Tasmania: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The average temperature in Summer is 22°C, and in Winter the average temperature is 13°C.

Tasmania’s cities provide all of the attractions and facilities of modern western culture. Our cities are easy to navigate, and public transport is simple, meaning that in a short period of time you could be in the countryside, at a beach, or on a mountain.

The buildings in our cities are largely influenced by European architecture; on a quick walk along our streets you may see buildings ranging from colonial to ultra-modern architectural eras.

Our Courses

TasTAFE offers a range of courses from Certificate II level through to Advanced Diplomas.

Learning areas include:

English Language, Accounting, Business, Children’s Services, Community Services, Creative Industries, Health and Aged Care, Hospitality, Information Technology, Science and Tourism

Tuition fees at TasTAFE provide students with an affordable study option. On average, tuition at TasTAFE will cost $AU10,000 per year. 

Working closely with the University of Tasmania, TasTAFE has a range of Diploma+Degree pathway packages that provide advanced credit into University of Tasmania bachelor degrees upon completion of a TasTAFE Diploma/Advanced Diploma. Students will then graduate with two qualifications, and a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Pathways include:

  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality + Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality Management)
  • Advanced Diploma of Tourism + Bachelor of Business Administration (Tourism Management)
  • Diploma of Management + Bachelor of Business
  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting + Bachelor of Business
  • Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology + Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology

Campus and Location

TasTAFE’s campuses are located in Hobart, the capital city and Launceston.


Located on the Derwent River with the sprawling backdrop of Mount Wellington, Hobart is a place where the urban landscape and the natural environment merge together.

Founded in 1803, Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city behind Sydney. As the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart is the finance and government centre of the State. Home to approximately 210,000 people, Hobart has a wide range of festivals, art and cultural activities for you to enjoy, as well as sports and outdoor pursuits, which are a regular part of Tasmanian life.


Founded in 1806, Launceston is situated inland in the north of Tasmania, at a point where three rivers meet. Home to a population of 105,000, Launceston is recognised for its historical architecture, with many Victorian and Georgian buildings beautifully preserved. This charming city offers a relaxing lifestyle.

Student Accommodation

Tasmania’s small, safe, accessible and modern cities offer a variety of living arrangements for students. TasTAFE has campuses in both of Tasmania’s main cities, Hobart and Launceston, so you are able to choose which city you would like to live in. Depending on your preferences, you are also able to choose what sort of accommodation you would like. You have the option of living in a private rental property, in on-campus accommodation, or with a homestay family. The approximate costs of accommodation are as follows:

Private Rental: AU$150-AU$200 per week

Homestay: AU$150 - AU$240 per week, depending on inclusions

On-Campus Living: AU$217 per week including breakfast

Teaching and Links with Industry

At TasTAFE, you will be taught by experienced, industry qualified teachers. This means that teachers at TasTAFE have spent time working in the industries that they are now teaching in, providing assurance that you are being taught to the highest standard.

TasTAFE has strong connections with industry. It’s extensive network of business partners provide you with opportunities to engage with industry during your study. Most courses offered by TasTAFE also include a work-experience component, where you will get to spend time applying your skills in the workplace under the guidance of trained professionals.

Graduate Opportunities

TasTAFE graduates are well placed to enter the workforce. The vast majority of our students are already employed within their chosen industry whilst they are still undertaking their studies. For example, many of our hospitality and cookery students are employed in local hotels and restaurants. After the completion of their studies, the employers will often offer on-going full-time employment to graduates.

TasTAFE has a strong reputation for producing quality graduates, which provides students with an advantage when seeking employment.

Student Experience

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