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  • VarunVarun

“Studying in Tasmania is one of the best decisions I have made. My teachers inspired and encouraged me, which gave me confidence.  Since graduating from TasTAFE, I have worked in managerial roles in high end luxury hotels across Australia.  Wherever I have been employed, I have been promoted very quickly. I love what I do”.

"When I was in Delhi, I watched cricket being played in Hobart. I would see the beautiful scenery and a spectacular mountain overlooking the cricket ground. It was a way of not only experiencing the game but the magnificent landscape surrounding the game. It sparked my interest in Tasmania. I wanted to go there, I wanted to see what Hobart was like. I’m so glad I did.

"I was nervous leaving my home in Delhi.  Thankfully, Tasmania quickly felt like home when I joined a cricket team. My new community of cricket fans here had its own friendship, its own camaraderie. We bonded together in playing a game we love so much.

"I president of the Indian Youth Society through the University of Tasmania, which I started. In addition, I was Vice president of the Indian Cultural Society. I organised cultural events and encouraged local people to become involved too. In 2010, I was nominated for Hobart citizen of the year. I even met my wife through Bollywood dancing in Hobart!

"TasTAFE is unique because of the strong links with industry, my classmates have all been successful in their careers. TasTAFE has the perfect balance between local students and international students.

"I was very shy before I moved to Tasmania. TasTAFE teachers believed in me and my confidence grew. Upon graduation, I was employed by a leading hotel in Hobart, and was quickly promoted to management.

"I was offered employment in the top hotel in Canberra and was promoted 4 times in 2 years. I accepted a high level of responsibility as this luxury hotel was frequented by world leaders and public figures.

"I then accepted employment in leading high end luxury hotels in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. My career continued to grow. My wife and I have recently moved back to Tasmania and I am now the manager at one of the leading, sophisticated seafood restaurants.  I love Tasmania, it is my home.

"The work-life balance in Tasmania is fantastic and does not exist in other Australian cities. There are no long commutes or traffic jams unlike Sydney or Melbourne. As a student, it is the perfect place to live; it is safe, clean, affordable and convenient because you can walk everywhere.

"My favourite thing about Tasmania is the friendly people. I also like the fresh gourmet produce and enjoy a glass of Tasmanian wine.

"My advice to future students is to make the most of the wonderful life in Tasmania. Play sports, enjoy the outdoors and join local societies! Life is not just about grades. Interacting with locals will stimulate your personal growth, confidence and English ability.

'"Pursue your passion and it will never feel like work. You will have the right attitude and you will reap the rewards for being dedicated. Wherever I have been employed, I have been promoted very quickly. I love what I do."

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