Daniela Roethlin

Daniela, 24, is from Switzerland and studied Interior Design

  • Daniela RoethlinDaniela Roethlin

Hi. My name is Daniela and I'm from Switzerland. I have had the great opportunity to study Interior Design at NMIT Preston.

I absolutely love it. The teachers are great; very helpful and understanding. We have interesting projects and get challenged at school every day. I have made good friendships during my study. NMIT offers a huge range of courses and opportunities.

I like Preston campus because all of the staff are very friendly, the library has long opening hours, you can make use of many facilities and I have to mention the coffee you get in the canteen is awesome.

Preston is located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. A great spot to be; many cafes, shops, parks and restaurants give the possibility to socialize. The Melbourne lifestyle is very different compared to where I am from. It is easy going, has a great vibe, is a multi-national city, and offers a very alternative way of life. I haven't and will never regret my choice to study in Australia. I have only a few months left before I graduate and I'm looking forward to what the future brings to me.

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