Kazuhiko Kobayashi

Kazuhiko is from Japan and studied Custom Made Footwear at TAFE SA

"I was working in a printing company in Tokyo but had always been obsessed with shoes. With my savings, plus additional funds from my family, I was able to travel overseas for study. I was very lucky because I didn’t know this course existed until I found out about it on the internet. It’s a very practical course and I really love it. The lecturers are knowledgeable and supportive and I am studying with about 14 other friendly, shoe-loving students (the rest are Australian). I studied an English course when I first arrived in Adelaide and made lots of friends, and I have also made friends at a gym in the city. Adelaide is such a nice, calm place and the weather is nice too, so I love going down the street (or to town) or to the gym. It’s really an ideal place for studying – I could have chosen Ontario in Canada or Sydney for Footwear Design, but there’s no comparison to what is available in Adelaide. It is true that there aren’t so many things to do, but that makes you concentrate more on your studies. In other Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney, there are so many people from all over the world who don’t speak English. That must make it hard to meet Australians. Here in Adelaide you meet the locals and get to practise your English. Thanks to my course at TAFE, I look forward to one day designing my own footwear range."

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