Moved from Brazil to study a Diploma of International Business at Holmesglen in 2014

“After some research, I found the right courses for me; the Certificate III and Certificate IV in International Trade and the Diploma of International Business at Holmesglen.

“The lecturers gave me a lot of theory information, regarding importation and exportation, communication skills, law, management and much more that have helped me work in the international logistics and marketing/ management fields.

“The classes and teachers also helped to improve my English language skills, as I needed to listen and speak in English during my studies. My experience was very fulfilling. I learnt a lot about living by myself, working abroad and also studying at a great Australian institute.

“I became the Treasurer of the Student Association, helping the student’s ‘voice’ be heard within the Institute and in planning activities. After going to a lot of the activities organised by Holmesglen, I volunteered as a recreation recruit, helping them to organise events on campus, as well as gaining knowledge on how to interact with a diverse student community.

“With the many skills I’ve gained from my active role in volunteering and my studies at Holmesglen, I was recommended by my course coordinator to apply for a graduate position at an international shipping firm. I am now the company’s logistics analyst. Thank you, Holmesglen, for an amazing and unforgettable time.”

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