Susan Evans

Susan is from Wales and is studying a Bachelor of Accounting at Holmesglen Institute

  • Susan Evans. Photo credit: Holmesglen InstittuteSusan Evans. Photo credit: Holmesglen Instittute

"I have been a student at Holmesglen for two years now and my study experience has been a positive one. I started studying the Certificate IV in Business Administration at the Moorabbin campus and I was given good advice and clear explanation on the course content by the course coordinator.

"The first semester was quite tough! I am a mature age student and my return to study after such a long gap was challenging but I was given excellent support by lecturers and assistance from my peers. After this I progressed to Diploma in Business Administration which also meant a change of campus and an increase in study workload but the experience and skills I obtained during these six months were invaluable and I have been able to put them into practice in the workplace.

"I am now studying for my Bachelor Degree in Accounting and I am very proud of my achievements so far. Degree level is quite different and presented some further challenges. There is always help available from our tutors and group study has been useful. I should finish my degree in 2015 and hope to gain employment in my field and remain in Australia.

"As an International student originally from the UK there is no language barrier which makes life a lot easier.However Australian culture is quite different and took some getting used to. There are so many opportunities available here in Melbourne and I love the way everything is achievable.

"I have also met some great new friends from many different nationalities.I am fascinated by how many students there are from many different cultures.

"There are some great facilities at Holmesglen and one of these is Student Services. There are so many great events and amenities available and I have attended some fun trips and outings. There are also support networks offered if you are having problems and need advice. The Learning Commons (library) is also excellent and staff take time to help you find the study material you are looking for.

"Overall my experience has been and continues to be positive, enjoyable and will provide me with excellent career prospects."

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