Supporting documents

All applications to Australian and New Zealand colleges and universities must be accompanied by supporting documents.

The documents required for your application will vary depending on the college and course you are applying to, but will generally include some form of identification, plus evidence of your current qualifications.

Checklists of the supporting documents required are included on page 1 of each application form available for download here.

Please note that supporting documents must be submitted to the colleges as certified copies.  Certification means that original copies of your documents must be sighted, copied and signed by an approved certifying officer at Study Options. Examples of documents that require certification include academic transcripts and completion certificates from qualifications you already hold.

Australian and New Zealand colleges have authorised Study Options to check and certify documents on their behalf as their UK representative. We do not charge for this service as it is a key part of our role in processing your applications.

Please include original copies of academic documentation with your application forms, so that Study Options can check and certify them before uploading the completed application to the college for assessment.

Australian and New Zealand colleges will only accept document certification by a very limited number of organisations other than Study Options, most of which charge for the service. 

Please do not send original academic documents to Australian or New Zealand universities unless specifically instructed to, as the colleges are unable to return them.

Please note:

  • Your application will be processed much more quickly if original supporting documents are submitted to Study Options at the same time as your application forms.
  • Scanning the originals to the colleges yourself is not regarded as suitable certification and your application will be placed on hold or rejected outright. 
  • Sending colour or black and white photocopies either to Study Options or to the colleges is also not acceptable.
  • Some colleges require that you name Study Options as your "representative agent" on the application before we are able to certify your documents.  If you have any questions about why this is, please do not hesitate to ask. 
  • If you already have an application in process and have been asked to submit certified documents, Study Options is able to help. Please contact us to discuss your case.

Remember Study Options is a free advice and application service.  Please note that making an application to a college or university in Australia or New Zealand through Study Options does not place you under any obligation, financial or otherwise, to accept any offers that you're given by the universities.

Care of your documents

If you are able to make it to one of our offices in Bristol or London, you are welcome to bring along your important documents for certification in person, but please make an appointment so that we can ensure a staff member is available.  Alternatively, you can post your documents to us using Royal Mail recorded delivery. Once we have checked and certified them we will send them back to you in the same way.

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