Iona's story

Iona Brinch is from Denmark and studied a Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) at ACG Yoobee

Iona's story

“I have wanted to go to New Zealand since first watching Lord of the Rings when I was 11, and I finally got the chance to go there on a working holiday visa in 2011. I met some people who were working at Weta Studios and they invited me to a workshop. One thing led to another and I ended up helping out with various projects at Weta Studios until December 2012.

“A friend recommended ACG Yoobee to me and I enrolled in the Digital Media programme in July 2015. As a mainly self-taught artist, this course has taught me the digital tools I was lacking. I’ve learnt a lot about layout and typefaces, both of which came in handy while illustrating a children’s book for an author in Denmark.

“I’m now nearing the end of my course and am very excited to have been given the opportunity to work at Weta Studios. I’ll be doing anything from sculpting to painting to 3D models to costume design. Ultimately I’m hoping to be working with concept design and I know that the skills I’ve learnt at ACG Yoobee and the experience I will gain working at Weta Studios will be invaluable for achieving my goals."

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