Western Australia’s economy goes from strength to strength

Australia’s largest state has currently also got the country’s strongest economy.  The recent mining boom has brought significant amounts of economic growth and people into the state, which in turn will encourage further investment in the future.  When it comes to college study this is great news - vocational courses benefit from close association with industry, so you will benefit increased opportunities to gain work experience in your area of study.

The strength of each state's economy is worked out based on eight key indicators – economic growth, retail spending, equipment investment, unemployment, construction work done, population growth, housing finance and dwelling commencements.  The increase in mining industry has not only meant increased opportunities for students of engineering, but has attracted an influx of people to Western Australia and the city of Perth - leading to a new construction boom. 

Three million people are expected to call Perth home by 2028, which means that Perth could overtake Brisbane as Australia’s third biggest city within 15 years.  The outlook for the construction industry is looking good all over Australia, so if you are interested in studying a trade, it will offer plenty of opportunities to gain work experience and teaching from people who are close to the industry.  Talk to Study Options to find out more about college courses on offer in various construction and building trades around the country.

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