New website for college study!

Welcome to Study Options' new website for vocational study in Australia and New Zealand. Study Options has been working with universities in Australia and New Zealand for 8 years, but did you know that we have also been sending students to colleges in both countries for nearly as long?  We felt it was finally time for the colleges website to get a bit of a revamp and to provide our students with a whole lot more information about vocational courses in Australia and New Zealand.

"Colleges" is an umbrella term that we use to encompass a range of different tertiary education providers in Australia and New Zealand.  These include Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges, Polytechnics, Institutes of Technology, and private training colleges.  What they have in common is that they all provide education options for students over 18 - similar to university - but the subject choice is usually quite different and revolves around a very practical, hands-on way of learning. Vocational courses are designed to get you into your chosen career or profession as directly as possible.

So what's new about the new website?

With such a wide range of subjects on offer at colleges throughout Australia and New Zealand, we really wanted to highlight the things that they do really well!  This is why we have introduced a section called What Can You Study as well as a regularly updated blog of Featured Courses to give students some idea of the range of options on offer.

There are some amazing things to see while you are studying Down Under of course, which is why we've also included loads more pictures and our very own guide to Australia colleges and New Zealand colleges.  You can also follow the Travel Tips blog for some extra nuggets of information from the staff at Study Options and our friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

Of course, we have also got profiles of all the colleges that we work with which you can access from the Where Can You Study page (among others), and real-life stories from many of our students in the Student Experience blog.

Finally we've added a lot more information about the Practicalities of deciding to study overseas in Australia or New Zealand, so that you don't forget anything when your finally off to your new college Down Under.

We hope you enjoy the new website and find it useful, don't forget you can always Contact Us with any questions and of course when you are ready to apply!

Good luck,
the Study Options team

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