Why Go?

  • Student using his laptop at the beach! Photo credit: North Coast Institute of TAFEStudent using his laptop at the beach! Photo credit: North Coast Institute of TAFE
  • Beach life at Bondi. Photo credit: Alexis PiperBeach life at Bondi. Photo credit: Alexis Piper

A vocational course is a fantastic way to learn the skills you will need in your future career, but it isn't just about studying. Where would you like to live for a few years?  Studying in another country is a unique chance to experience a different culture and lifestyle.  As an international student you will have the freedom to live in Australia or New Zealand for the duration of your course, the time to properly immerse yourself in the lifestyle and the chance to travel around - all at the same time as getting a great qualification, which can lead you into a career anywhere in the world.

Living such a long way from home for an extended period isn't everyone's cup of tea - it can be challenging, particularly at first.  But if you are independent by nature, with a sense of adventure and a bit of initiative, and are not afraid of doing something different, there are some amazing experiences and opportunities to be had.

In our experience there are lots of reasons why people choose to study vocational courses in either Australia or New Zealand. Does one of the following apply to you?

  • The Traveller
    Perhaps you have already spent time in Australia and/or New Zealand and would like to go back? You love discovering different cultures and lifestyles and meeting new people and would probably put travelling at the top of your list of favourite things, but, like most of us, you don’t have the time or the money to be on holiday all year round. But what if you could spend six months, or a year, or even three years living in New Zealand or Australia studying toward a valuable, recognised qualification? It’s a chance to indulge your love of Antipodean lifestyle and culture, while at the same time working on improving your CV, or learning new skills – it’s time well spent in every way!  Is this you?...
  • The Specialist
    New Zealand and Australia are considered to be among the world’s best in some industries and professions and, if you are looking to establish a career in one of these areas, there simply isn’t a better place to do your training. One great example is hospitality and tourism. Both countries have earned stellar reputations in these booming global industries, based in no small part on the quality of their training and the resulting excellence of their workforce. Doing a course in hospitality or tourism in Australia or New Zealand will give you the opportunity to soak up some of those skills and expert knowledge and benefit from the world-class contacts behind the reputations. Is this you?...
  • The Life Changer
    Feeling fed up at work? Life getting a little same-old same-old? If you are feeling in need of a change, retraining can open up a whole new world of opportunities. And you’re not alone – lots of people are currently looking to learn a new skill and get a qualification that will put them on track to work in an exciting new industry. The added bonus of doing it in Australia or New Zealand is that you get to live, study and train somewhere new... in the sunshine! Is this you?...
  • The Forward-thinker
    You’ve decided you’d like to live and work Down Under. Maybe just for a few years, maybe you’re hoping to make the move permanent. Either way, bear in mind that Australian and New Zealand colleges offer courses that train students in the trades and professions in demand in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide. So doing a course in the right area could be a great way for you to gain the skills these countries are looking for – to turn yourself into what they want!
  • The returning Working Holiday Visa maker
    Maybe you’ve been in Australia or New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa for a year; maybe you’ve gone the whole nine yards and done two years. But either way you’re settled and happy in Bondi, or Fremantle, or Christchurch, or Nelson, and you’re keen to find out what the options might be for staying on just that bit longer. Look no further – we can help! Please get in touch to tell us all about yourself and what you want to do.  P.S. The more information you can give us the better – we pride ourselves on being able to meet most wish lists...!
  • The Professionals
    You’ve got a long-standing skill or a trade – years of hard-won experience and practical know-how in your business – but you’re lacking that all-important official qualification that the Australian or New Zealand authorities want? Please get in touch – we can recommend the course that will lead to the qualification you need, or we can arrange to have your current skills and work competencies formally assessed by the relevant professional body. In some cases, RPL (skills assessments) can lead to people being awarded an Australian or New Zealand qualification immediately, which means you might not need to do any further study at all!
  • And all the rest...
    Do none of the above categories fit you? Please get in touch and tell us all about yourself anyway. We have been helping students study in Australia and New Zealand for over ten years. We’ve heard an awful lot of stories and circumstances, from an awful lot of people, and pride ourselves on finding a solution for everyone. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Already living Down Under? No worries....

If you’re already living in Australia or New Zealand and would like help or advice please get in touch – all the information on this website applies whether you’re contacting us from Bristol or from Bondi. So if you are coming to the end of a Working Holiday Visa and are thinking of doing a course so you get to stay in Australia or New Zealand a bit longer, let us know. We can help! Contact Us

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