Where Can You Study?

On this page you can find a list of all the TAFEs, institutes of technology, polytechnics and private colleges that Study Options represents in Australia and New Zealand.  All of these colleges accept international students and are quality assured by the education departments in their country.

You can also find out more about each state and territory using the Where can you study? menu.

Already living Down Under? No worries....

If you’re already living in Australia or New Zealand and would like help or advice please get in touch – all the information in this booklet applies whether you’re contacting us from Bristol or from Bondi. So if you are coming to the end of a Working Holiday Visa and are thinking of doing a course so you get to stay in Australia or New Zealand a bit longer, let us know. We can help! Contact Study Options to talk with one of our team.

Colleges by area

Click the college name for more detailed information. To view colleges by subject area, try "What can you study?".

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