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Perhaps you have already spent time in Australia and/or New Zealand and would like to go back? You love discovering different cultures and lifestyles and meeting new people, and would probably put travelling top of your list of favourite things, but – like most of us – you don’t have the time or the money to be on holiday all year round. But what if you could spend six months, or a year, or even two years living in one of those countries studying for a valuable, recognised qualification? It’s a chance to indulge your love of the Antipodean lifestyle and culture, while at the same time working toward improving your CV, or learning new skills – in short, it’s time well spent in every way!

Student case study: Jan Kelly

Jan is 28. Originally from Newcastle, he has just moved to Perth to study the Advanced Diploma in Process Plant Technology at TAFE WA’s Challenger Institute of Technology

“I want to study in Australia because I want to change career and become involved in the resources boom happening there at the moment. I think it is a fantastic opportunity! I think studying there will put me in the best possible position to do that. I also love the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle in Australia.

“In the UK I studied marketing management and didn’t really enjoy it. This seems a good time to make a change. I’m really looking forward to the technical and problem solving aspects of the course, and chose to study at Challenger partly because the college has its own dedicated plant equipment so there will be a lot of hands-on learning and experience, rather than things being theoretical and a bit boring!

“Perth was a logical destination for me because I have a lot of friends and contacts in the city from the time I spent in Australia during my working holiday.

“As soon as I graduated from university I got a working holiday visa for Australia. It was amazing. I headed to Perth to start with and had a great time. I managed to catch up with an old school friend and we ended up travelling around the country together. While in Perth I got the opportunity to go and build a wall in Port Hedland up north. I was there for three months and had some incredible experiences. We had to deal with 45 degree heat, bushfires and a cyclone! It was very hard work but I got to go to Karijini National Park and swim in the pools there. When I got back I had a holiday, then went to see friends in Sydney and in Melbourne. I drove down the Great Ocean Road, which was just breathtaking. After that I drove all the way back to Perth. Next up was Darwin, where we spent another three months. I got to go to Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks as well as swimming with crocodiles (in a cage!)

“I also had some interesting work opportunities. I worked on Melville Island, off the coast of Darwin, helping on a mine shut-down. We flew over in a 10-seater plane and landed on a dirt runway and lived in a mine camp. After Darwin it was on to Brisbane where we lived for six months, working on a tower in the city centre. We had an amazing time there too with lots of trips down to the Gold Coast but then unfortunately I had to come home.

“I am very excited to be going back to Australia and seeing all my friends again, but I’m also very excited at the opportunity I think that this course will give me for a future in Australia. I hope that my study experience will give me a sound footing
for a new career in the oil and gas and mining industry. I’m looking forward to learning something new and believe I will make a lot of friends and contacts for the future!”

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