Student Experience

Study Options has already sent hundreds of students off to study at colleges in Australia and New Zealand, and we quite often receive emails and post about how well they are getting on! Read some personal experiences of studying Down Under in this section.

Tris Colley

Tris, 18, from Rochester is going to study a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne

“I’m not due to start my course for a while yet – it’ll begin in 2013. After deciding that working in hospitality was the right path for me, choosing a course was not that difficult. There were two things about this particular programme that made it right for me. First, it has a big tourism element, and I’m very interested in that; and second, it includes a paid work-placement year.

Felicity Naylor

Felicity is 24 and from Southport. She’s going to be studying business and administration at South West Institute, Busselton TAFE in Western Australia

“I have been interested in the theory of business since I started working for myself, and I’ve always wanted to better my computer and general administration knowledge, as I feel that all my current skills are much more practical.

“Ideally I’d like to get a better understanding of things like taxes, payroll, spreadsheets and data systems from doing this course.

“I did look at a couple of other TAFEs but they were too far from where I wanted to be – I’m living in the gorgeous town of Margaret River, by the beach!

Ian Leach

Ian is from Doncaster. He’s 27, and has just started a course in sports development at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

“I am really interested in sport. I’m already a qualified cricket coach and also have diplomas in sports therapy and sports and remedial massage. I’d love to have a career in sport and by doing this course I hope to gain employment in the industry.


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