Student Experience

Study Options has already sent hundreds of students off to study at colleges in Australia and New Zealand, and we quite often receive emails and post about how well they are getting on! Read some personal experiences of studying Down Under in this section.

Bettina Buch

Studying nutrition at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

I’m a trained cyto technologist (I work with cancer diagnostic) and I came to Wellpark to gain knowledge and skills in treating predominantly cancer patients through natural therapies and nutrition. Studying part time, I qualified in naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine and now have my own practice. I also consult to corporate companies, creating health assessments for their employees. I loved the atmosphere of Wellpark and enjoyed learning from the other students from the various faculties, which has enhanced the way I treat my clients.

Amyria Taylor

Studying naturopathy at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

Studying at Wellpark College has been a fulfilling journey on so many levels both professional and personal. My studies at Wellpark have encouraged me to approach health from a variety of angles; physical, emotional and spiritual. As I leave Wellpark I take with me the community of friends and colleagues that will continue to support me in my professional life. However, most importantly, the study of naturopathy has taught me a lot about my own health. I now have the knowledge to understand my own body better and the wisdom to respond with love and acceptance.

Andie Bennett

Studying massage at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

Just to let you know your instincts were right about me coming to Wellpark College so late in my life. I have my own private clinic; a clinic in a chiropractors office and I contract out to do corporate massage … I love the Certificate in Relaxation Massage courses I am doing. Thank you so much for accepting my enrolment.

Mark Bielby

Studying Diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding at Tai Poutini Polytechnic

He came, he saw … and he came back for more. Mark Bielby enjoyed his first year at TPP so much that he returned for a second year to complete the Diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding.

‘The certificate year was great fun; I absolutely loved it. And coming this far, from the UK, I soon decided it would be better to get a more advanced qualification. The diploma is more in-depth, more challenging, more interesting – and I’m sure it will open up more opportunities.’

Sebastian Grewe

Studied Diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding at Tai Poutini Polytechnic

Originally from Germany, teacher Sebastian Grewe believes in the value of a lifelong learning. His planned working holiday in New Zealand morphed into an opportunity to further his education and diversify his skills when he decided to enrol in TPP’s Diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding.

Thomas Stoll

Studying Diploma in Jade and Hard Stone Carving at Tai Poutini Polytechnic

‘I want to live as an artist. Carving is my passion. Carving hard stone opens a new world of expression.’

Although he had wood and soft stone carving experience, Thomas Stoll, from Hannover, Germany, wanted to build his skills and learn how to use new materials and techniques. He knew New Zealand had a strong carving tradition and after an online search found just the course he was looking for: TPP’s Diploma in Jade and Hard Stone Carving.


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