Student Experience

Study Options has already sent hundreds of students off to study at colleges in Australia and New Zealand, and we quite often receive emails and post about how well they are getting on! Read some personal experiences of studying Down Under in this section.


Business woman, Practitioner, Educator who studied at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy

Leanne runs her own business. She works in her clinic seeing clients, managing their cases and educating the public about homeopathy and how to use it in the home.

 “I educate people through my social media channels, through email marketing, in the clinic through managing the client cases and through email and phone call contact.”


Practitioner, Volunteer, Educator who studied at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy

Rebecca works as a practitioner in homeopathy and she has clinics in South Auckland. She has also worked over the past two years as a volunteer homeopath in Africa. She has a long history of travelling in Africa and recently joined a project in Tanzania with Jeremy and Camilla Sherr. Treating the full range of acute, chronic and infectious epidemic diseases, she has also taught homeopathy in Kenya.


Practitioner, Communications, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator who studied at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy

It’s often been said that job you’ll have in 3 years hasn’t been invented yet. Natural medicine is one of the fastest growing industry’s with opportunities in clinical practice, research, education and business, and these days, rather than a direct path, careers are more like mosaics. Kristy has always had a keen interest in natural health and fitness

Leah Tsomos

Studied Bachelor of Education (Early Years) at Melbourne Polytechnic

The learning community at Melbourne Polytechnic made my dream of Higher Education a reality. As a mature aged student I was made to feel like I belonged. The range of supports offered by the program and staff, gave me the skills I needed to become a successful student.

Lorraine Duran

Studied Early Years Studies at Melbourne Polytechnic

I'm from the Philippines and decided to take up studying Early Years to further my career in childcare and teaching. I chose Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT) due to the emphasis on the practical elements throughout the course right from the first semester. In addition to this, the combination of the personal approach and small class sizes greatly helped in creating a collaborative learning environment.  This  was important for me as an international student since I was just getting used to the country and learning approaches.

Sarah Watson

Studying yoga at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

Studying yoga at Wellpark College has been a transformative experience. The calibre, depth and enthusiasm of teaching has been exceptional, enabling me to grow in my understanding of the practice and philosophy of yoga. I particularly appreciate the method of giving students the necessary learning tools whilst also allowing room for personal exploration and development and my self-confidence as a yoga teacher has grown.


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