Student Experience

Study Options has already sent hundreds of students off to study at colleges in Australia and New Zealand, and we quite often receive emails and post about how well they are getting on! Read some personal experiences of studying Down Under in this section.

Samantha O'Donoghue

Samantha is from Ireland and is now studying an Advanced Diploma in Business at CIT

"I was already living in Canberra when I decided to start studying and from my research I thought that CIT would be best suited to me and for my choice of study, especially because of the study paths that were available to me.

"I found that the teachers at CIT are very supportive and always had time to answer any questions or to provide advice when needed. The teaching styles are interactive and engaging with open discussion as well as lots of group discussion, which I think is really important, it encourages everyone to contribute, share ideas and give their input.

Donna Chee

Donna is from Malaysia and studied Certificate IV in Hospitality, Diploma of Human Resource Management and Diploma of Business Management, all at TAFE SA

"When deciding where to study, I found that TAFE SA had a lot more options which meant that I could easily transfer credits if I decided to pursue a specific path within an industry. In hospitality alone there were so many choices and I was able to decide exactly where I wanted to branch out to after starting my study at Certificate III level. I felt that I had flexibility about which path I wanted to follow and I wasn’t limited to my first choice.

Kazuhiko Kobayashi

Kazuhiko is from Japan and studied Custom Made Footwear at TAFE SA

"I was working in a printing company in Tokyo but had always been obsessed with shoes. With my savings, plus additional funds from my family, I was able to travel overseas for study. I was very lucky because I didn’t know this course existed until I found out about it on the internet. It’s a very practical course and I really love it. The lecturers are knowledgeable and supportive and I am studying with about 14 other friendly, shoe-loving students (the rest are Australian).

Mananti Pardamean Butar-Butar

Mananti is from Bali, Indonesia and studied the Diploma of Salon Management at TAFE SA

"TAFE SA has helped me to achieve my career, my future and a better life."

"TAFE South Australia was my first best friend when I arrived in Australia! TAFE SA supported me through my English course and then I continued my studies with the Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management. The campus is very conveniently located in the city and with students from so many cultures, I’ve learnt a lot about other people and cultures which is so important to me in my career.

Patricio Banados-Valenzuela

Patricio Banados-Valenzuela is from Chile and is studying Diploma of Fashion Design at TAFE SA

"I first heard about Adelaide from the internet, and learned that it was a good place for study with very nice people. I wanted to improve my English so I studied for three years at the SA Adelaide Language Centre. At the language centre we were given lots of information about all of the Adelaide universities and institutions, and everybody said that TAFE SA was a very good place to study. I can now say that is true. The Fashion Design course is very practical, but we also do theory as well of course.

Xinween Zhang (Joe)

Joe is from China and studied the Diploma of Marketing

"The TAFE SA course is more than a piece of paper it is a gateway to work. The course that I studied at TAFE  SA was a Diploma of Marketing. Prior to enrolling at TAFE SA I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Studies. I realised that the Marketing Course at TAFE SA would value-add to my degree. The course was more practical, business-oriented rather than a pure intellectual exercise.  We were taught the essential theoretical frame work and quickly moved on to putting it to practice with group assignments.


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