Student Experience

Study Options has already sent hundreds of students off to study at colleges in Australia and New Zealand, and we quite often receive emails and post about how well they are getting on! Read some personal experiences of studying Down Under in this section.

Sher Luhar

Sher Luhar is from Nepal and studied the Diploma of Community Services at TAFE SA

"What drove me to study for a career in community services was an interest in helping and supporting those less fortunate than me.  In Nepal I completed a Bachelor of Education and taught for several years but my true passion was helping disadvantaged children in my local community. Although this was a rewarding career, I felt as though I lacked the skills and experience to counsel them adequately, and as a result, I decided to look for some formal training which would give me these skills as well as a broader understanding of community service and support.

Sailing Chen

Sailing Chen is from China and studied the Diploma of Interior Design at TAFE SA

"In China, interior design courses focus on how to construct buildings quickly. The growth in construction for both commercial and residential properties is driving this need to construct quickly.

"The TAFE SA course opened my eyes to the importance of creating buildings that consume less energy from the environment. Before I started the course I had never heard that buildings could be built to consume less energy and why that was important.

Yang Ding (Eric)

Yang Ding has completed a Diploma in Cookery, Level 5 with NZMA in Auckland

“I’m working as a kitchen hand at Prego, which is a very well-known restaurant in Ponsonby. I saw the job advertised on SEEK and NZMA Careers helped me with my CV. Apparently 180 people applied for the role – and I got it!"

"I think they liked the fact that I was studying cookery, and also I had a bit of kitchen experience behind me.”

Nathalia Pereira

Nathalia Pereira, completed the Diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 5 at NZMA and is now working in New Zealand

Nathalia Pereira is now a Conference Supervisor at Ilume Coaching in Auckland.

“During my studies NZMA Careers helped me get a job at Eden Park Catering. They helped me with my CV, recommended me to the employer and gave me lots of tips before my interview. That was really helpful! I don’t think I would have been able to get that job without their support and guidance. They helped me take the first step of my career!

Susan Evans

Susan is from Wales and is studying a Bachelor of Accounting at Holmesglen Institute

"I have been a student at Holmesglen for two years now and my study experience has been a positive one. I started studying the Certificate IV in Business Administration at the Moorabbin campus and I was given good advice and clear explanation on the course content by the course coordinator.

Yuka Shigeno

Yuka, comes from Japan and studied Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour

My father, who was a doctor practiced Chinese medicine to save so many lives, passed away just after I graduated from University in 2003. This incidence drew my attention to an importance of alternative medicine which can be integrated with conventional medicine.


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