Horticulture & Land Management

Courses include: Environmental studies; floristry; agriculture; conservation and land management; horticulture; viticulture; irrigation; garden design; wine grape-growing; fruit production; sports turf management


Holmesglen Institute

Melbourne Polytechnic

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT)

Otago Polytechnic

TAFE International Western Australia

TAFE New South Wales

TAFE Queensland


TAFE International Western Australia regional campuses

Western Australia is Australia’s largest state and covers the entire Western third of the country. So, if you want to live and study in Western Australia, your choices are not restricted to Perth!

Studying outside of a big city can provide students with a unique opportunity to experience life in a close community while earning a qualification that will provide excellent future career options. 

TAFE Western Australia has seven regional campuses all around the state offering courses open to international students. The campuses are divided up by area:

Study in Broome with TAFE Western Australia

An adventure in Paradise? Study in spectacular Broome, Western Australia

Simba’s story

“I decided to enrol with TAFE Western Australia to further my training as a Horticulturist as I heard the Horticulture lecturer here had the best experience in native Australian plants, bush foods and medicine.

Life in Broome is like a dream, every day here is paradise. There are beautiful beaches, red cliffs that you can paint your whole body with, beautiful bush land and really strong cultural history. It’s really good getting in touch with some of the local people, learning from them and exchanging ideas.”

Study in Albany, with TAFE Western Australia

Embrace your passion for nature – Study in beautiful Albany, Western Australia

Emilia’s story

“My stay in Australia definitely is the best experience of my life. During study in Australia you have a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Australia is a beautiful country so different from Europe. Being here you have a chance to see the unique Australian flora and fauna that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.”

Diplomas in Aquaculture and Viticulture in New Zealand

Aquaculture and Viticulture are two very important industries in New Zealand.  If you have an interest in either of these subjects, studying in Nelson could give you the experience you need to qualify and get ahead in the industry by gaining practical hands-on experience.

Courses in wine - viticulture, wine making, marketing or management

Courses in all levels available in Australia and New Zealand colleges

Australia and New Zealand are two of the world's largest wine producing countries, consequently the wine courses offered in their colleges are some of the best in the world.  Whatever your area of interest in wine - growing grapevines, wine making or marketing and management - there will be a course available to suit.  Your vocational course will enable you access to an active industry and hands-on experience in real vineyards. 

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